Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Shortlisted for The Big Red Read 2011!

So the holiday season is pretty much over and autumn seems to have set in rather early in Warwickshire. I even lit the fire over the weekend as I seemed to be doing a weird shaking thing. Shivering, I've heard it's called. A post-Crete adjustment, I suppose, and I don't really mind. I like log fires and I like autumn. I seem to produce my best writing during this season so bring it on!

Meantime, my novel SOMEONE ELSE'S SON has been shortlisted for The Big Red Read 2011 and I'd be mighty chuffed if anyone fancies taking a quick trip to the website to vote, especially if it's for my book! All you need to do is send an email to bigredreadvoting@visionrcl.org.uk and say which book and author you're voting for. I'm really pleased to have been shortlisted in such good company!

I was messing about in Crete trying to be a bit arty with my camera and thought I'd post a couple of my favourite pics (click to enlarge). The first one had me staring thoughtfully. Taken rather lazily from my towel on the only bad weather day we had all fortnight, it screamed New Novel Cover at me and youngest She-Devil was rather pleased to have been of assistance. Rather moody and dramatic, it could so easily be the Cornish beach in the novel rather than a beach in the Med.

There were lots of cats draped around the place and they seemed to love nothing more than a nice snuggle in a rubbish dump (not that I went sightseeing around bins).

Yes, the sky was always this blue...wasn't sure what the white stuff in the sky was when we came home.

Someone's house in the old town of Rethymnon.

A little caff in Rethymnon. Not Costa.

It'll be Christmas before you know it.

Sam x


Mamakucingbooks said...

Hi! Am coming here from Tea Time With Marche blog. I have read the review for both books and I think they are very good.

And Congratulation on being shortlisted for The Big Red Read 2011. Yes, will be voting for your book :)


Sam Hayes said...

Thanks so much, Kathy! Your vote is very much appreciated!

Sam x