Wednesday, 4 July 2007

BLOOD TIES downunder

Just a quick post to say that things are going very well with BLOOD TIES downunder! Last Sunday, I was in the Sydney Sun Herald with a *whole page* to myself. I was a little worried that they'd have to use a really large font or leave big gaps but the very lovely Robyn Doreian did a fantastic job writing the article. We were on the phone for an hour so by the end of the interview, she knew plenty about me.

By all accounts, sale of the book are going 'blazingly well' and I've even been getting fan mail from readers - so thanks to everyone who's been in touch. It really is great to know that my book is out there...being read...being enjoyed.

I'm doing a Meet the Author clip very soon. Take a look at the site if you don't know about it. They've recently added a 'pitch your book' section and an authors' lounge. I'll add a link to my clip when I've done it. Then again... ;-)

Sam xx
(PS If anyone knows why blogger sometimes does double line space or single for no apparent reason, then can you let me know?)