Monday, 24 September 2012


I've had quite a few emails over the last few months asking when my new novel will be published. I'm really happy to report that UNTIL YOU'RE MINE will be out in the UK in June 2013! 

I'm very pleased indeed to be working with the fab team at Century and I'm in the thick of some edits right now so we can have some proofs before Christmas. Early summer next year might seem a while to wait, but in the publishing world, I know only too well how time flies. One minute you're writing the first draft and the next your book's on the shelves. But a lot of work goes on behind the scenes during that time and, as I type, there are five designers beavering away on my new cover. Can't wait to see that!

And the other good news is that my novel is being published in the USA by Crown and will also be available in lots of other places from Brazil to Europe to Australia! Meantime, here's a little blurb...

Life is pretty much perfect for mother-to-be Claudia and her husband James. Perfect, that is, until their new nanny Zoe moves into the top floor of their Georgian home. She comes highly recommended but when James's job takes him away and out of contact, Claudia starts to get nervous. What is it about the nanny that unsettles her so?

Meanwhile, a series of vicious attacks on pregnant women is all over the news. Married detectives Lorraine Fisher and Sam Scott have never seen anything like it. And when their teenage daughter suddenly decides to leave home and get married, keeping home and work separate becomes impossible. They soon realise that the killer will stop at nothing to get a baby of their own and it becomes a race against time to prevent another murder.