Friday, 6 June 2008

The Sound of One Hand Typing

June is usually my favourite month in the garden. Shame, then, that I haven't spent much time outside so far this year. It's a bit of a mystery to me anyway, having recently moved house and inherited a beautiful well-stocked garden from the previous owners. New things appear overnight. I have amazing white poppies, the deepest red velvet roses, crazy red-hot pokers, slug-eaten lettuces, clematis to die for (the previous owners of our house were clemataholics), slug-eaten hostas, amazing purple-leafed things by one of the ponds, tall silvery things that look prehistoric... oh, and slug-eaten celery. I could go on with my knowledgeable plant descriptions, but just think time-starved author panicking every time she glances out of the window and sees all the jobs that need doing. Still, the tomatoes, aubergines and peppers are doing well. They have taken over the greenhouse.

And to top it all, I only have one hand. Yes, I know it was one leg last time (the cast's off now and I even wore heels again yesterday) and, in truth, I don't actually have one hand. Just the use of one hand, for now, although the 'I can't possibly do that because I only have one hand' thing is wearing a bit thin around here. There's only so much washing up to be got out of; only so many school runs I can avoid. Fact is, it's amazing how creative you can be with one hand. Especially when the one that's out of action has its middle finger permanently stuck in the air from a bandage. I had an operation to remove a lump. Nothing serious, it turns out, but I feel I was a big wimp about it. Bit squeamish, me. Anyway, little while longer of creative typing and avoiding all domestic chores. Didn't stop me picking a huge bowl of raspberries this morning though.

Work continues on my new novel, which has already sold in another big territory along with UNSPOKEN in a two book deal - contracts nearly sorted - so details to follow. And things are moving along nicely with my UK publisher and future books - again, details to follow once everything's finalised. It's certainly an exciting and busy time, writing-wise. And of course, it's UK publication day for the hardback edition of UNSPOKEN in a couple of weeks. I've had emails from readers 'downunder' asking about publication there. As far as I know, it's still scheduled for September so not too long to wait now. And I've learnt that Russia will publish BLOOD TIES this August or September. Not sure about the Slovak date yet. Time somehow warps in the publishing world, and suddenly a publication date that once seemed a lifetime away is close. That's how the paperback release date of UNSPOKEN currently feels - February 09 - but I just know that I'll blink and it will be here.

Talking of publishing, I was thrilled to see a friend, Adam L G Nevill, announce the publication of his horror novel BANQUET FOR THE DAMNED in paperback. This will be an amazing read. Adam is a hugely talented writer in several genres but this, I believe, is where his passions lie. He has a new website (which is very cool!) and is in Waterstones as the Bookseller's Choice for June. He is also a very nice chap. Go Adam!

I'm going to be redesigning my own website soon. Details of UNSPOKEN will be up there and possibly an extract or two. An overhaul is always nice. Like shifting furniture around. I'll shout it out when it's done.

Sam xx