Wednesday, 2 April 2008

National Year of Reading

Anyone in Leicester on Friday? Don't have anything to do? (Does anyone not have anything to do?) Anyway, why not pop in to County Hall between 12 noon and 2pm and come and take part in a launch party event for the National Year of Reading. I'll be talking about stuff - about reading and what it means to me, about how I became a writer, and about authors I like to read. You can be sure of some truly amazing statistics. It's true. I have things to tell you. Plus, I will be revealing my top 10 list of 'things' to read (no, not the back of a cereal packet).

And finally, finally, I have added some much-requested book club discussion points to my website. Be warned though, there are spoilers in the points I've raised, so don't go peeking before you've read Blood Ties. Shame on you!

That's it for now - just a quickie blog so it doesn't look as if I'm neglecting it. I'm not really, it's just that writing about me writing, well, it's hard. Woman sits at keyboard and presses many keys... New book progresses. I promise, as soon as there's breaking news, it'll be here.

Sam xx