Thursday, 12 November 2009

TELL TALE published today!

It's that time again...TELL TALE is officially published today and I can't tell you how excited I am about this book being released into the wild. Of course, it's the hardback edition so will have more limited availability than the paperback when it comes out next March. I hope to see piles in the bookshops and supermarkets, but for now readers can buy my new book at selected stores and, of course, Amazon. And don't forget the libraries. They will almost certainly have the hardback and soon there will be a large print version available, as with my other novels.

In celebration, I just ran a long way on the treadmill and pumped some iron at the gym, but before I left I received the most beautiful bouquet of flowers from my amazing editor and all the team at Headline. Haha, I also received a lovely set of paperback proofs to go through over the next week or two, making any little changes and scouring for errors. Plus my head is well and truly immersed in finishing Next Novel - so much so that I've gone scurrying back to the beginning to read/edit/read/edit before I tackle the big finale. Plus, I've had lots of exciting publicity happenings going on recently - a review is due in the Sun next Friday, I believe, and I also have a couple of short stories to write (which I love doing) and hopefully, any minute now, my new website will be launched to mark the publication of TELL TALE. I do hope you like it.

A couple of weeks ago, I had two days of glamour and excitement being photographed for two big publications. Firstly, the Sunday Times came to town - two photographers and a stylist - and between them they made me look rather glam and shifty/suspicious which, if you read the feature in Style Magazine one weekend quite soon (will be more specific when I know the exact date), you'll see why. I'd already been interviewed by a lovely journalist who is writing a feature on me for a new series in Style, and a photo was then needed. I say 'a' photo...they must have shot hundreds as we searched for the perfect spot around town, my stylist flitting around me with her big make-up brush, people stopping and staring at the big lights and rather large lens!

These pictures were taken by my husband when we came back home - they decided to go for a few regular shots, too. Never work with animals - despite my serene look, the cat had his claws dug deeply into my legs!

The day after and I was in London at a studio with the Woman & Home magazine team, who were also lovely and treated me to a day of styling, photography, and lovely food to go with a feature that will appear in the January edition of the magazine, available in the shops at the beginning of December. I had my hair and make-up done (
individual eyelashes, can you believe!) and got to choose what to wear from a wardrobe of rather expensive looking garments with the help of a stylist. Again, very glam and it all left me feeling that my usual jeans and T shirt didn't quite cut it! Still, no one sees me as I sit alone in my study tapping out the words.

If you read TELL TALE then do be sure to send me an email and let me know what you think. I love receiving comments from readers and I get emails from all over the world, which certainly makes it all worthwhile. I think I might have to go and put a bottle of something sparkly in the fridge!

Sam xx


Mel said...

I feel like a stalker leaving a comment again but... how exciting. I cannot wait for it to come out Downunder. I am going to ask my local library to buy copies for all their branches. I'll buy a copy of course but that way they'll buy a pile too!

It occurs to me that after all the work involved with completing a new book a few days of glamour are a just reward!

Tim Stretton said...

Hope it's a smash hit, Sam!

Sam Hayes said...

Hi Mel! haha, so that was you lurking outside my house last night! Keep leaving the comments - it's lovely to hear from you! And thanks for the library plugs - most kind :-) Yes, I have to say, I did rather enjoy the pampering and glamour and could do with a day like that every month!

Thanks so much, Tim! So do I! Hope you're well.

Sam xx

Anonymous said...

Hi I've just read your book from cover to cover, got from my local branch in Perth, Australia. Am about to speed pedal up to said library to see if I can find anymore, fantastic book, I read it in one sitting!!!!

Thanks for the read!!


Sam Hayes said...

Thanks, Fiona! I sent you an email.